This report series could not have come about without the help of a number of people willing to share their knowledge and networks on migration, the Sahel and Libya. The research was conducted primarily for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our appreciation goes to Francesco Mascini, Rein Dekkers, Martin van Vliet, Bruno van den Toorn and Vivian Huijgen for their patience and support. Many current and former colleagues provided valuable input for this study in the form of research assistance, brainstorms and by acting as sounding boards. Thank you, Nick Grinstead, Thibault Van Damme, Madina Diallo, Nissrine Majdi and Ilias Ziogas for all your valuable input. A special thanks is also in order to all the Malian and Nigerien colleagues that helped arrange many useful interviews and to the respondents themselves who were willing to share their insights on such a complex topic. Erwin van Veen, Rosan Smits, Adam Sandor, Philippe Frowd, Virginie Baudais, Luca Raineri, Pauline Dunoyer de Segonzac and Mattia Toaldo all reviewed one or multiple reports. Your help in improving and ensuring the quality of this series is greatly appreciated. It remains without saying that any errors or omissions are our own.