Clingendael Academy trained around 810 diplomats from over 143 countries in 39 different projects in the Netherlands and abroad. About 45% of the participants were women.

Clingendael trainers visited over 40 countries on all five continents to provide 130 training sessions abroad in the fields of diplomatic practice, personal effectiveness, (humanitarian) negotiations, capacity-building, security and conflict resolution.

Clingendael Academy trained 50 civil experts of the Dutch MFA, 20 military officers of the Dutch DoD and 10 foreign security experts before deployment in international crisis management missions.  

As part of our training facility for frontline negotiators on humanitarian access, we conducted a total of 19 training sessions to over 350 aid workers. Over 70% of them work in countries with the most restraints on humanitarian access such as Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen. When back in the field, 91% of aid workers stated they achieved better negotiation outcomes a result of the course.

In 2019 we supported 8 diplomatic academies as well as the Defence Institution Building School in Georgia and the Portuguese administration for their turn in the EU Rotating Presidency by training 170 officials in Lisbon.

More than 90% of our work is tailormade, but we also have 10 open subscription courses, which had 134 participants.

In total, we trained over 3,300 professionals in more than 170 projects.

In total we conducted 34 programmes on negotiation and mediation skills in conflict resolution. With our training In 2019, we supported 18 peace processes across 4 continents.

Participants awarded our trainings an average score of 9 on a scale of 10.

Media & Events

In 2019, Clingendael experts appeared no fewer than 716 times in national and international media, including online, television/video, radio and print. All media appearances can be found on our website.

In addition to media commentary, Clingendael experts contribute to the opinion pages of various national and international outlets. Their analyses on topical international questions also appear in in-house Clingendael publications in the form of Policy Briefs, Alerts and articles in the Clingendael Magazine (Clingendael Spectator) and in our Clingendael Café Podcast Series.

Erwin van Veen explaining life in Syria (NOS Jeugdjournaal, March 2019)
Erwin van Veen explaining life in Syria (NOS Jeugdjournaal, March 2019)

Below are highlights of the op-eds, events and publications that Clingendael experts organised and produced in 2019 as part of the Institute’s mission to improve public and expert debate about international and European affairs.

Selection of Alerts, Policy Briefs, Reports and Articles | 2019

Magazine Dossier: BRICS Revisited

Magazine Dossier: de Nederlandse spagaat tussen Europa en Atlantica

Magazine Dossier: De Geopolitiek van MH17

Magazine Dossier: 30 jaar na de val van de Muur – de erfenis

How to Strengthen Europe’s agenda on digital connectivity, Maaike Okano-Heijmans

Going Dutch: Which firms are moving to the Netherlands because of Brexit, Rem Korteweg

China’s stories to rule the world, Ties Dams

Ambitions and Results: Lessons from the Juncker Commission, Adriaan Schout

Dutch Defense Spending: A gap between rhetoric and reality, Dick Zandee

The Arctic Elephant: Europe & Geopolitics of the High North, Louise van Schaik and Ties Dams

The US-China trade tech stand-off, Maaike Okano-Heijmans and Brigitte Dekker

European seaports and Chinese strategic influence, Frans-Paul van der Putten

Between effective engagement and damaging politicization - Prospects for a credible EU enlargement policy to the Western Balkans , Wouter Zweers

Perceptions of Dutch interest promotion inside the EU, Monika Sie Dhian Ho, Rem Korteweg, Wouter Zweers, Brigitte Dekker and Adriaan Nunes

The European Commission in balance?, Adriaan Schout and Adriaan Nunes

Legitimacy of traditional authorities: Mali, Niger and Libya, Fransje Molenaar, Jonathan Tossell, Anna Schmauder and Rida Lyammouri

Transnational capital in Somalia, Jos Meester and Ana Uzelac

EU options for dealing with the Assad regime, Erwin van Veen

A way forward for positive migration governance in Libya, Jalel Harchaoui and Nancy Ezzedine

The European Intervention Initiative, Dick Zandee an d Kimberley Kruijver

Another solution with added value?, Dick Zandee and Kimberley Kruijver

‘Between Order & Chaos: The Writing on The Wall’ – Strategic Monitor 2019-2020, Danny Pronk and Tim Sweijs

All our public outreach activities in 2019 can be viewed here.
In 2019, Clingendael published 214 publications in total. All publications can be found on our website.


In 2019, the Clingendael Institute further strengthened its outreach strategies, focusing in part on online media strategies. Throughout 2019 we witnessed exceptional growth of the Clingendael website. Our pageviews increased by 37.95% to over 1.3 million in 2019.

Pageviews per year
Pageviews per year
Website sessions by country
Website sessions by country
Website sessions by age
Website sessions by age

The data shows that 41.94% of our audience is in the 25-34 age range, with the 18-24 age range making up 19.23% and the 35-44 age range in third place with 16.2%.

More than 80% of our website traffic is generated directly and through search engines (such as Google).

Sources of website traffic
Sources of website traffic
Followers on social media channels
Followers on social media channels

Clingendael significantly increased its reach and engagement on its social media channels in 2019. Our follower base on LinkedIn grew by 42.78%, Twitter by 23.92%, Facebook by 19.87% and our newsletter subscribers by 22.83%.