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09 Dec 2015 - 10:01
Source: Ma perché scrivo? È l'unico mio conforto / Silvia Sala / Flickr / CC / 2012

The European Asscher agenda: A political and economic minefield

In the first half of 2016 the Netherlands will hold the Presidency of the European Union. The sensitive topic of labour migration is one of the main focal points of the Dutch Presidency. Equal pay for equal work in the same workplace has to prevent ‘unfair’ competition on employment conditions within Europe. Specific interest goes out to the current Posting of Workers Directive that regulates the conditions governing temporary workers from other EU Member States.

The aim of this policy brief is to identify the areas of tension with regard to this specific priority of the Dutch EU Presidency. The challenges posed by the Dutch agenda include the balance between internal market and social policy objectives, the diverging interests of the “receiving” and the “sending” countries and the role of labour migration in the EMU.

Read the policy brief here


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