Clingendael Monitor 2015
Jan Rood
Frans-Paul van der Putten
Minke Meijnders
Clingendael Monitor 2015
About the Clingendael Monitor 2015

Together with two in-depth studies that have yet to be published, this summary report constitutes the Clingendael Monitor 2015. This report “A world without order?” shows an international order that increasingly will be conditioned by the relations between the great powers. Regional instability is increasing and tensions between the great powers are rising.

The in-depth studies referred to discuss ‘deterrence as a security concept against non-traditional threats’ and ‘economic vulnerability’. The Clingendael Monitor is published each year as part of the Strategic Monitor of the Dutch government.

Cover photo

The attack by two men on the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris shocked the whole of France and the rest of Europe. It was seen as an attack on freedom of speech. Here, at the Place de la République in Paris, many people gathered to show their support and demonstrate for freedom of expression.

Cover photo: © Groume