Annual Report 2015
Clingendael Annual Report 2015

The Clingendael Annual Report 2015 reflects the most important activities by the Clingendael Institute. It presents the highlights of our research, training and public outreach accomplishments, with additional data from the corporate staff on communication, human resources and finances. A separate section is included on the Internationale Spectator, the only Dutch-language magazine on international affairs.

In 2015 the Clingendael Institute realized a large number of projects, publications, training programmes and events. Its experts shared their knowledge on a large range of topics for very diverse commissioning parties and audiences.

It proved to be a very positive year, which presents the Institute with an excellent starting point for the future. Clingendael will continue to maintain and expand its position in the continuously changing environment of international relations in order to meet the challenges that lie ahead in the years to come.

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Solidarity march (Marche Republicaine) in the streets of Paris January 11 2015 after the terrorist attacks.

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