Clingendael Annual Report 2016
Clingendael Annual Report 2016

The Clingendael Annual Report 2016 presents the highlights of the activities of the Clingendael Institute. It provides an overview of the most important output of our research, training and public outreach accomplishments, together with data on our corporate staff for communication, human resources and finances. The Report also contains a separate section on Clingendael’s Magazine Clingendael Spectator, the online magazine on international affairs.

In 2016 the Institute realised an increasing number of projects, publications, training programmes and events, in which Clingendael experts shared their knowledge on a wide range of subjects for government, civil society and the private sector.

2016 was a very interesting year, in which the Institute was able to meet the challenges associated with our evolving subsidy situation. The Clingendael Institute has demonstrated its capacity to strengthen its position in the ever challenging context of international relations.

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In 2016, Turkey hosted over 2.5 million registered Syrian refugees
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