CrisisAlerts Libya
July - November 2017
CrisisAlerts Libya
Kars de Bruijne, Floor El Kamouni-Janssen & Fransje Molenaar

In CrisisAlerts, Clingendael researchers unpack conflict dynamics from pressing crises. In four CrisisAlerts on Libya we 1) challenge common assumptions about the Libyan conflict, 2) discuss security implications for Europe, 3) analyze local coalition-building among Libya's many militias, and 4) assess how the EU can promote security in Libya.   


Clingendael CrisisAlerts Libya

Unpacking conflict trends, theaters and assumptions forms the basis of the Clingendael CrisisAlerts on Libya: where are the theaters of war, what are trends in fault lines, success and conflict activity?

European security interests at stake: this CrisisAlert explores why Europe should care about the ongoing conflict. What security interests are at stake? What are the mechanisms whereby the crises impact Europe and its member states? What should be done?

Militia coalition-building and governance: this CrisisAlert explores armed coalitions in Libya, and their implications for conflict and support for local and national governance. 

The EU in the world: this CrisisAlert probes into the regional and geopolitical power dynamics. How do fault lines develop and what does this suggest for the EU’s room for maneuver, foreign policy and actionable policy?


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