Clingendael State of the Union 2018
February 2018
Clingendael State of the Union 2018
towards better European integration
Margriet Drent, Martin Holderied, Adriaan Schout, Hussein Kassim, Rem Korteweg, Yuri van Loon, Michiel Luining, Jasper Lukkezen, Fransje Molenaar, Christian Schwieter, Frank Vandenbroucke & Wouter Zweers

The EU needs to find effective responses to challenges that have become apparent during the Euro crisis as well as those resulting from the changes in the EU’s geopolitical environment. The Union is facing a full agenda concerning the stabilization of the Euro, looming Brexit, a changing transatlantic relationship, growing Great Power rivalries, persistent public expectations regarding an effective and humane migration policy, and EU budget reform. In response to these challenges, 2017 saw the publication of a variety of high-level strategy papers such as the European Commission White Paper on the Future of Europe, The State of the Union Address by Commission President Juncker, French President Macron’s Initiative for Europe, and the Future of Europe report by President of the European Parliament Tajani. This Clingendael State of the Union report critically assesses these policy initiatives. It explores both recent developments and future scenarios to shine light on those issues at the very heart of the EU Agenda. With contributions from both Clingendael research fellows and closely affiliated partners, the report offers a thorough assessment of the different areas of EU governance, including EU Migration policies, the EU Budget, trade and globalization, European Integration, Social Europe, European defence, the European Neighbourhood Policy, and the European Monetary Union (including the European Central Bank and European Monetary Fund).

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