The economics of planetary security
November 2016
The economics of planetary security
Climate change as an economic conflict factor
Michel Rademaker, Karlijn Jans, Christopher Frattina della Frattina & Hannes Rõõs (The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies)
Stephan Slingerland, Alexander Borum & Louise van Schaik (Netherlands Institute for International Relations Clingendael)
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This report, intended for policy makers and business professionals, examines the economic aspects of planetary security and, in particular, the vulnerabilities and resilience of countries to environmentally induced conflict. It first discusses the concept of planetary security and the role of economics therein, and then builds a quantitative framework and monitor capturing the vulnerabilities and resilience of different countries.

About the authors

Michel Rademaker is the Deputy Director of HCSS responsible for project development and operations

Karlijn Jans is a strategic analyst at HCSS.

Christopher Frattina della Frattina is an assistant analyst at the HCSS.

Hannes Rõõs is a Data Scientist at HCSS.

Alexander Borum is a Research & Project assistant at Clingendael.

Louise van Schaik is Senior Research Fellow and Coordinator of the Knowledge Group EU in the World at ‘Clingendael’.

Stephan Slingerland is a senior researcher and policy advisor focusing on the international transition towards a more sustainable world order.

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