About the authors

Minke Meijnders (editor) is a Research Fellow at Clingendael. In the field of international security issues, she focuses primarily on economic security. In addition, she is frequently involved in forecasting studies like scenario and trend analyses.

Kars de Bruijne (editor) is a Research Fellow at Clingendael and a Senior Researcher in the Armed Conflict Location Event Dataset Project (ACLED). His research focuses on intrastate conflict, fragile states, trend analyses and expert forecasting.

Thomas Rijken was a project assistant at Clingendael. He focuses mainly on international security and terrorism. In addition, he contributes to trend and scenario/future-building studies, including the Clingendael Strategic Monitor.

Ko Colijn is the former director and a Senior Research Fellow at Clingendael. His research focuses mainly on multilateral governance in the context of international security. In addition, he was an endowed professor of international relations and global security at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has been speaking and writing about international politics and security issues since 1975.

Jan Rood is affiliated with Clingendael as a Senior Research Fellow. At Clingendael, he focuses on global issues and European integration. He is also an endowed professor of European integration from a global perspective at Leiden University.

Bibi van Ginkel is Senior Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute, where she works in fields including the problems of terrorism and radicalisation, and the (effectiveness and legitimacy of) different national and international policy options to counter this. She is also affiliated to the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) in The Hague as a Research Fellow.

Franca van der Laan was Senior Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute, seconded by the Netherlands Police Force. Her work involves focusing on police contributions to (future) Crisis Management Missions, organised crime and terrorism threat evaluations, and on issues related to international police cooperation.

Louise van Schaik is Head of the Clingendael International Sustainability Centre and coordinates Clingendael’s EU in the World Knowledge Group. She is also a visiting professor at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. Her research focuses on EU action in international negotiations on climate and global health and the security dimension of food and water scarcity.

Sico van der Meer is affiliated to the Clingendael Institute as a Research Fellow. His research focuses in particular on cybersecurity and weapons of mass destruction.

Marcel Baartman is affiliated to the Clingendael Institute as a Senior Economist, working in the field of geo-strategic risks for companies and financial institutions. His focus lies on the combination of macro-economic, geopolitical and geo-economic issues.

The Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP) is a think-tank focusing on energy and energy-related climate issues. The CIEP contributes to the public debate on international political and economic developments in the energy sector (renewable energy, oil, gas and electricity). The CIEP team is multidisciplinary, and communicates through research, lectures, articles and discussions. See also: link

Ernst Kuneman is affiliated with Clingendael as a Research and Project Assistant. He focuses on climate-related issues, the politics and geopolitics of energy and international security.

Maite Reece was a research trainee of Clingendael’s Security Knowledge Group. She is involved in research into international security, mainly for the Clingendael Strategic Monitor.

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