Clingendael Strategic Monitor 2017
February 2017
Clingendael Strategic Monitor 2017
Kars de Bruijne and Minke Meijnders

What will our world look like in 2021? How will the world order develop in the coming period? Who will be the most important players? This Monitor analyses the increasing threats, but also the simultaneously continuing cooperation. In this regard, we speak of a Multi-Order: a highly diverse system in which cooperation takes place in entirely different ways in separate domains.

Our Monitor is based on ten different thematic studies (see below in blue). Every thematic study concentrates on the estimated threat and the state of the international order within a specific theme.

A complete forecast is provided in the Summary report: Multi‑Order

The implications of the election of Donald Trump can be found in the Epilogue


Please make use of the PDF file when referring to the Clingendael Strategic Monitor.