Caught in the middle
December 2018
Caught in the middle
A human rights and peace-building approach to migration governance in the Sahel
Fransje Molenaar, Jérôme Tubiana & Clotilde Warin

About the authors

Fransje Molenaar is a Senior Research Fellow with Clingendael’s Conflict Research Unit, where she heads the Sahel/Libya research programme. She specializes in the political economy of (post-)conflict countries, organized crime and its effect on politics and stability.

Jérôme Tubiana is an independent researcher specialised in Sudan, Niger and Chad. He has worked for organizations such as the Small Arms Survey, the International Crisis Group and various humanitarian NGO’s. After completion of this study, he joined MSF (Doctors Without Borders) as an adviser on migration issues.

Clotilde Warin is in charge of the migration issue for the think tank Confrontations Europe (Paris) and editor-in-chief of Confrontations Europe the Review, a quarterly publication. As a journalist and researcher, she has worked in Ethiopia and Chad and has published numerous articles in the French media.

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