Brexit Dinner on Article 50
10 Apr 2017 18:00
Source: Getty Images

This is an event upon personal invitation only.

Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon is expected to be triggered at the end of March. A Brexit Dinner will be held by the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) in The Hague, which will be attended by the Clingendael Institute as a Premier Member of the new NBCC Brexit Forum.

The business uncertainties following the Brexit brings challenges and opportunities alike. Businesses trading between the UK and the Netherlands seek quality consulting with regards to the new reality in regulatory, finance, tax, trade, HR - everything is changing. Therefore, the NBCC has launched the NBCC Brexit Forum as a gateway to the new Great-Britain. This is an unparalleled platform of business decision makers that provides Premier Members with first-hand information and up-to-date valuable insights. It also aims to create connections between key stakeholders and change agents, and to contribute to the representation of member views towards policymakers.

At this first quarterly Brexit Dinner, Monika Sie Dhian Ho, general director of the Clingendael Institute, will address the proceedings involving 'Article 50' and the primary topics of negotiation between the UK and EU.