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10 Apr 2020 - 02:24
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Facts and figures about our 'negotiation skills for humanitarian aid workers' programmes:

The programme was established in 2016 with support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign affairs. The training courses are offered both in The Hague as well as near conflict areas.

Since 2017, Clingendael Academy has organised over 30 training courses and trained over 450 humanitarian workers of 60+ (I)NGOs and UN agencies in essential negotiation skills. 5 sessions were in partnership with Dutch Relief Alliance. Over 50 working countries have been represented. Within two months, 80% were using the techniques in their negotiations. 

94% of respondents of all participants in 2017 and 2018 have said they found this training to be useful or very useful for their work. The percentage of participants who felt confident to lead a negotiation process went up from 51% to 81%

The training courses are delivered in English and French. 

Timeline of Activities 2020

We keep adding new training opportunities each month. Contact us for co-organising a training the your region. 

Humanitarian organisations are expected to cover travel and accommodation costs of their participating staff. Financial assistance is available in some circumstances. Clingendael covers the training fees and costs for the training venue including lunch.

Dates 2020



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28-31 January

Foundation Course - Negotiation Skills Training (4 days)

The Hague


11-13 February

Negotiation Skills Training for Humanitarian Aid workers (3 days)

Pasto, Colombia 

Invitation only

25-27 February

Negotiation Skills Training for Humanitarian Aid workers (3 days)

Only open for participants working in Afghanistan and/or Pakistan. 

Doha, Qatar


9-13 March

Training of Trainers (5 days)

The Hague

Invitation only

24-26 March

Negotiation Skills Training for Humanitarian Aid workers (3 days). 

Only open for participants working in the Middle East and/or North Africa. 

Beirut, Lebanon 


31 March-2 April

Negotiation Skills Training for Humanitarian Aid workers (3 days).

Only open for participants working in Bangladesh. 

Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh Register

20-23 April

Foundation Course - Negotiation Skills Training (4 days)

The Hague


29 June - 3 July

Mediation and negotiation skills training for trusted third parties in a humanitarian context (5 days)

The Hague

Invitation only


Training pillars
Humanitarian negotiation Training Programme will focus on two facets:
16 March 2018 - 16:56

How we work

Our training approach to support peace initiatives is interactive and practical. We develop our own simulation tailored to the specific needs of the participants, relating to different phases in the negotiation process. Read more
16 March 2018 - 17:03

Building an essential humanitarian skill

The ability to effectively negotiate in stressful circumstances is a skill which is essential to every humanitarian worker: from the field-based aid worker negotiating access on the frontline to the manager in headquarters talking to donors and governments. Read more
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Staff involved
Wilbur Perlot
Deputy Director Clingendael Academy
Ron Ton
Director Clingendael Academy
Leela Koenig
Academy Fellow
Marlies Rotshuizen
Academy Fellow
Evelien Borgman
Academy Fellow
Judith van den Boogert
Senior Academy Fellow
Nura Jaafar
Academy Fellow