Commissioned research

Clingendael has been working at the interface between research and practice for more than three decades. Our experts carry out state-of-the-art analyses and policy research with the aim to provide strategic advice and tailor-made solutions for an audience of government ministries, companies, business associations, and nonprofit organisations.

The products and services that we offer range from trend analyses that are part of our Clingendael Strategic Monitor, to high-quality in-depth analyses, scenario-building, horizon scanning and alerts specifically geared to your organisation. Our mission and signature approach is to ensure that policy development is informed by as many relevant needs and insights in order to make certain that successful uptake in your organisation or its policy or business environment is guaranteed.

Clingendael is not a standard consultancy service provider. As an impartial and independent player in the public domain, we also see it as our mission to provide an effective platform for sharing and promoting reports and findings with a broader audience or, if so required, in closed sessions under Chatham House Rule. Our broad network of contacts is in this regard an asset that is also available to our clients.


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