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09 Nov 2023
Europe in the World

State of the Union Conference 2023

Join us for a full day of conversations with policymakers and experts on how Europe should chart a new course to promote its security, prosperity, and stability.
26 Oct 2023
Personal effectiveness

Clingendael Meets Students Online

Would you like to know what it is like to work for the leading think tank and academy on international relations in the Netherlands? Meet the experts & interns at our online student open day.
Zoom Pro
09 Oct 2023
Europe in the World

De-risking responsibly: how to come to better public-private cooperation on economic security?

How to move towards better public-private cooperation on economic security? Join the experts online.
13 Sep 2023
Europe and the EU

Staat van de Unie: de terugblik 2023

Na de Staat van de Unie-toespraak gaan experts die de Europese ontwikkelingen en politiek al langere tijd volgen in gesprek met elkaar.
07 Sep 2023
Europe in the World

Debat Staat van de Unie: de vooruitblik 2023

De aankomende Staat van de Unie-toespraak is alweer de vierde van Ursula Von der Leyen. Met nog een jaar te gaan tot de Europese verkiezingen, is het een belangrijk moment om te bespreken wat er in haar laatste jaar op de EU agenda’s staat.
The Hague
06 Jul 2023
Russia & Eastern Europe

REKA-conferentie 2023: Van nieuwe realiteit tot nieuw beleid

De Rusland en Oost-Europa Kennis Alliantie (REKA) organiseert op 6 juli zijn jaarlijkse conferentie. Experts, beleidsmakers, ondernemers en journalisten in gesprek over het Nederlandse Oost-Europa beleid en welke kansen dit biedt.
21 Jun 2023
Security and Defence

Steady as she goes: NATO in the run-up to the Vilnius summit

In the run-up to NATO's Vilnius summit on 11-12 July 2023, this expert seminar will discuss two major issues on the agenda: the Russo-Ukrainian war and the New Force Model. Co-organised with the Embassy of Lithuania in Belgium and the Egmont Institute. Participation by invitation only.
Embassy of Lithuania, Brussels
15 Jun 2023
Conflict and Fragility

Recalibrating the social contract in the MENA

Join the online discussion in partnership with the Institute for International Political Studies and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
09 May 2023

Strategic Autonomy in Health? The issue of Global Access

What does strategic autonomy in medical products mean in Europe and what does it mean in Africa? What is the African public health perspective on this issue? What role can the EU and the Netherlands play regarding technology transfer and IP sharing and protection? Join the third edition of the online Global Health Webinar series and participate in the discussion!
13 Apr 2023
Security and Defence

Lithuanian-Dutch Foreign Affairs and Security Conference

At this event we will look ahead to some of the main questions that will be on the agenda of the Vilnius summit. This notably includes how the alliance can rise to the challenge and credibly reinforce its defence and deterrence capabilities. Are NATO allies willing and capable to invest what it takes to ‘defend every inch’?
06 Apr 2023
Trade and Globalisation

Trends in Export Event 2023

De wereld van de export verandert steeds sneller en er komen uitdagende tijden aan. Waar liggen de grootste kansen en bedreigingen voor export? Is de-globalisering echt? Graag nodigen we je uit voor de Trends in Export Kennissessies in Rotterdam met Clingendael-experts Maaike Okano-Heijmans en Rem Korteweg.
02 Mar 2023
Europe and the EU

75 years Congress of the Hague at the Peace Palace

Together with Marija Pejčinović Burić, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Franc Weerwind, Dutch Minister for Legal Protection and more we will commemorate 75 years of the Congress of The Hague and reflect upon the state of multilateralism in Europe today in the Peace Palace. Co-organised with the States General of the Netherlands, the Dutch delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Hague
24 Feb 2023
Russia & Eastern Europe

1 jaar oorlog in Oekraïne: Q&A met Clingendael-experts

Op 24 februari 2023 is het exact 1 jaar geleden dat Rusland buurland Oekraïne binnenviel en een oorlog begon. Meld je aan voor een online Q&A met diverse Clingendael experts over 1 jaar oorlog in Oekraïne en stel al je vragen!
21 Feb 2023
Europe in the World

Twin transition Green & Digital in EU-ASEAN partnership

The green & digital transition bring many opportunities, but also comes with challenges, such as financial, technical and regulatory barriers as well as cyber security risks. How can the EU and ASEAN accelerate the green transition in a smart way? Join us for this online event. Organised with the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace (CICP).
17 Feb 2023
Tech & Digitalisation

South Korea and the Netherlands: urge for stronger ties

The Clingendael Institute was honoured to host a roundtable discussion on stronger ties for economic security, supply chains and the Indo-Pacific strategy with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, Jin Park, on Friday, February 17 at Huys Clingendael in the Hague.
The Hague
08 Feb 2023
Tech & Digitalisation

Webinar: How can technology push EU-India ties to a higher level?

India will soon become the world’s most populous nation, overtaking China. It will hold the presidency of the G20 this year and present itself as a new superpower. In the current geopolitical context, there is ample reason for the EU and India to deepen their ties further. What role can technology play?  
28 Nov 2022

Can Europe avoid trade wars over climate policy? The case of CBAM

The so-called Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is a charge on carbon-intensive imports aimed at preventing carbon leakage. How would this work and how does the rest of the world see CBAM? Join our online debate!
25 Nov 2022
Europe and the EU

Do the Dutch support EU enlargement with the Western Balkans?

The Netherlands, and specifically Dutch citizens, are often seen as fundamentally sceptical about EU enlargement. But how deeply rooted is scepticism on EU enlargement in the Dutch population?
The Hague & online
08 Nov 2022

Clingendael Leest: Wankel Koninkrijk van Tim de Wit

De toekomst van het Verenigd Koninkrijk na Brexit is volledig ongewis. Wat bracht het Koninkrijk aan het wankelen, en waar gaat het naartoe? Graag nodigen we je uit voor een nieuwe editie van ‘Clingendael Leest’ op 8 november in Huys Clingendael in Den Haag voor een gesprek met Tim de Wit, oud-VK correspondent en auteur van het boek Wankel Koninkrijk, en Rem Korteweg.
Den Haag
28 Sep 2022
Europe in the World

State of the union 2022: War in Europe and its aftershocks

Clingendael aims to reflect on the medium and long-term consequences of the war for the regional theatres in Europe, the European Union and its neighbourhood, NATO, and the future of the United States’ engagement in European security.
Online & The Hague
23 Sep 2022
Security and Defence

De burger in de kou: wat kan Europa doen?

Hoe is de jaarlijkse 'Staat van de Unie' toespraak van Ursula von der Leyen ontvangen? We blikken terug met een aantal experts. Zij kijken vooral terug op de Europese plannen om de energieprijzen niet nog verder te laten stijgen.
The Hague
21 Sep 2022
Conflict and Fragility

Int. security sector support: navigating political obstacles

The UN has repeatedly called attention to the crucial role of security sector reform in underpinning peace and stability in countries affected by violent conflict, including a 2022 report of the Secretary General. But we still know little about when and how international efforts can help bring about professional, effective and accountable security forces as part of broader peace- and statebuilding efforts, and in the face of domestic and international obstacles.
08 Sep 2022
Europe in the World

Reset: over identiteit, gemeenschap en de democratie

Het Clingendael Leest-event met Mark Elchardus en Monika Sie Dhian Ho is wegens onvoorziene omstandigheden helaas geannuleerd. 
Het Nutshuis, Den Haag
01 Sep 2022
Europe and the EU

Debat: Vooruitblik Staat van de Unie 2022

Lukt het Europa zich te wapenen tegen de toenemende Russische agressie? Het is een vraag die decennialang als niet relevant werd bestempeld, maar met de Russische invasie in Oekraïne weer bovenaan de EU-agenda prijkt. Naar verwachting zal het dan ook een prominente plek innemen in de Staat van de Unie-toespraak van Ursula von der Leyen.
Het Nutshuis, Den Haag
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