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25 Sep 2017
Strategic Foresight

First corporate network event

The first exclusive network event for our Corporate Members with speakers including Jeremy Bentham (Shell), Bert Bruning (Atradius) and Barbara Rutgers (ING).
The Hague
26 - 28 Sep 2017
Security and Defence

Debating Security Plus 2017

A global online brainstorm that aims to yield concrete recommendations on different themes around security.
28 Sep 2017
Conflict and Fragility

Making SDG16 work for Rule of Law and Access to Justice

Open debate on the SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions with special attention to fragile and conflict-affected states.
The Hague
2 Oct 2017
Conflict and Fragility

Financial Inclusion for Freedom and Security

Interactive event highlighting new research on shrinking civil society space and the negative impact of regulations due to counter-terrorism measures.
The Hague
12 Oct 2017

EEAC Conference 2017

The EEAC Network is celebrating its 25th Annual Conference with an event entitled: Towards the 2030 Agenda and beyond: European cooperation within a new citizens–science–policy interface.
Valkenburg a/d Geul
16 Oct 2017
Strategic Foresight

The Belt and Road

Conference on the evolving framework of the 'Belt and Road' initiative and its future political, strategic and economic consequences.
12 - 13 Dec 2017

Planetary Security Conference 2017

The third Planetary Security Conference with the theme "From Analysis to Action" has the goal to strengthen the knowledge-policy interface by consolidating the community of practice on planetary security.
The Hague