Conflict and Fragility

Sounding the alarm on Sudan’s hunger crisis
06 Mar 2024 16:00 - 17:30
Source: ©Reuters

This online event was organised by ODI/Humanitarian Policy Group, in collaboration with Tufts University and the Clingendael Institute.

Ten months after war erupted across Sudan, experts suggest that Sudan now has the worst hunger levels ever recorded. As Sudan heads into its annual ‘lean season’ it is estimated that seven million people are facing catastrophic levels of hunger. Mass starvation and high numbers of deaths are predicted by June, when child malnutrition is highest and disease is likely to compound the high levels of hunger. Read the latest Policy Brief by Clingendael's Senior Research Fellow Anette Hoffmann.

The severity of the crisis demands a major scale-up on all fronts to minimise extensive loss of life. Support must be tailored to the coping strategies of Sudan’s urban, displaced and rural populations, with particular attention to Sudanese responders who are providing the bulk of humanitarian efforts. The window to reduce the impact of what is rapidly becoming the world’s largest hunger crisis in decades is closing. Business as usual is not an option.

The speakers discuss the scale of the crisis and the urgent next steps required.

This online event took place on Wednesday 6 March 2024


  • Sorcha O Callaghan - moderator, Director, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI
  • Anette Hoffman - Clingendael Institute
  • Youssif El Tayeb - Executive Director of the Darfur Development and Reconstruction Agency
  • Alex de Waal - Executive Director, World Peace Foundation, Tufts University
  • Hassan Alattar Satti  - Conflict and Livelihoods Researcher and Visiting Fellow at the Feinstein International Center, Tufts University