Clingendael Wraps Up 2023 Humanitarian Foundation Training
20 Dec 2023 - 15:13
Source: Clingendael Wraps Up 2023 Humanitarian Foundation Training

From 27 to 30 November 2023, Clingendael hosted a comprehensive four-day foundational negotiations training, welcoming 14 humanitarian workers from both international and local organisations operating worldwide. This programme is part of Clingendael's diverse array of humanitarian training courses, and was the final Foundation course of the year held in The Hague.

Designed with the primary objective of enhancing participants' negotiation capabilities across diverse contexts, the Foundation course provided participants with essential frameworks and tools to bolster their negotiation skills. The training adopted a practical approach, combining theoretical insights with hands-on application through simulations and exercises. Subsequent debrief sessions facilitated the integration of theory into practice, allowing participants to share ideas and insights.

Reflecting on the experience, one participant emphasised that the simulations offered an authentic feel of negotiating in real-life scenarios. The debrief sessions, in particular, were praised for their effectiveness in pinpointing areas of improvement. Another participant highlighted the significance of the PIN model, a valuable tool imparted during the training. This model emphasises understanding and distinguishing the Position, Interests, and Needs of different parties involved in negotiations. Notably, the participant underscored the importance of applying this tool introspectively, recognising that self-awareness plays a pivotal role in influencing negotiations.

In concluding the last Foundation courses of 2023, humanitarian workers experienced a dynamic four-day training at Clingendael, marked by practical application, insightful debriefs, and knowledge sharing.