Humanitarians from earthquake-affected areas trained in Gaziantep
01 Jun 2023 - 16:42
Source: ©Clingendael - Academy Project Fellow Eva Oldenbuerger in Gaziantep

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit earlier this year, humanitarians from Türkiye and North West Syria need to navigate an even more complex and challenging environment. Accessing and supporting affected people often relies on their ability to negotiate. When operating in a rapidly changing environment where humanitarian needs are very high, how can you still be in control of your negotiation process? 

This week, humanitarians from North West Syria and Türkiye came together in Gaziantep to become more effective negotiators.

The participants learned about the options they have to approach their negotiation processes with local authorities, non-state armed groups, donors and other organisations. They for example can apply different negotiation strategies and know how to analyse and explore the interests of their counterparts.

Clingendael Academy conducted its foundation course in humanitarian negotiation skills in the Turkish and the English language, thereby ensuring that professionals from local organisations got the chance to participate in this important skills training.

“ Having trainers who speak our native language, understand our context and can provide us with examples close to us, has made all the difference”  - participant