Strategic Foresight

Brexit, Trump and elections: the impact on your business
23 Mar 2017 15:00

This is a public event. For registration please view the website

Geo-political changes create a lot of uncertainty. Therefore, The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) organises a conference on March 23 on: "Brexit, Trump and elections: the impact on your business". This conference aims to provide some clarity as to what we can learn from it and how businesses can best adapt to it.

Keynote speaker:

Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Professor in Economics and Business management at the University of Amsterdam, Member of the Senate on behalf of Democrats 66 (D66), Former Chairman VNO (now VNO-NCW), former President of the Dutch Social-Economic Council (SER): "National and International lessons learnt on March 15"


Marcel Baartman, Senior Economist at The Clingendael Institute: "The emerging new world order and its economic consequences"

Robert van der Jagt, Chairman of KPMG´s EU Tax Centre: “Dealing with taxes in a changing world”

Gerard Kastelein, Partner at Allen & Overy: "Brexit from a legal perspective"