Climate Security (livestream)
2 Jul 2019 15:00 - 17:00
Source: Photo by Lachlan Gowen on Unsplash

Climate Security: How are the defence, diplomacy and development communities responding to the looming climate crisis?

This public event is organised by the Dutch Government, Clingendael Institute, Planetary Security Initiative and E3G. Due to space constraints the event is invitation only with 60 seats available but will be broadcasted live to the public. 

This event will focus on the evolving climate-security agenda and how Dutch and British defence, diplomacy and development actors can step up their activities in response to a climate crisis on the horizon. In recent years climate impacts have intensified, the science has become even more unsettling and public calls to action are growing ever louder. With people on the streets of London calling for the Government to declare a Climate Emergency, the security implications of climate change and the need to build resilience are increasingly moving from a topic of government backrooms to a topic of public debate. 

Champions of human and planetary security

The Netherlands has long been a champion of human and planetary security – including through its support of the Planetary Security Initiative. The UK Prime Minister has been tasked by the UN Secretary General to be a ‘champion’ for the climate resilience track of his Climate Summit in September 2019, alongside co-champion Egypt and partner countries the Netherlands, Malawi and Bangladesh. At present the climate resilience and climate-related security risk agendas have developed in parallel. However, approaches for institutionally integrating the climate security lens into broader climate, development and diplomatic action are emerging.

London Climate Action Week

This public event will take place during London Climate Action Week. It provides an opportunity for the Netherlands and the UK to showcase their evolving responses to dealing with the looming climate crisis and the climate-related security risk it brings, for the UK, the Netherlands and the broader European Neighbourhood and Commonwealth. It will also look ahead and pose the question of what appropriate responses to a Climate Emergency look like going forward and what this means for actions taken by the UK, the Netherlands and European actors more broadly.

Interactive event

This event will be interactive, allowing for questions from the audience in person and further participation via the mentimeter app. The panel will respond to questions from the moderator to maintain a pacey, informative discussion.


3:00 PM - Welcome by H.E. Simon Smits, The Netherlands Ambassador to the United Kingdom

3:10 PM - Introduction by Nick Mabey, CEO, E3G

3:15 PM - Kick-off: With people on the streets of London calling for governments to declare a climate emergency - what is the value add of a climate security approach? 

Speakers: General Tom Middendorp, Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti and Dr. Amiera Sawas

3:30 PM Panel discussion moderated by Nick Mabey and discussants General Tom Middendorp, Louise van Schaik, Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, Dr. Amiera Sawas and more to be announced

4:35 PM - Audience Q&A

5:00 PM - Closing remarks

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