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Expert policy lab on counter-terrorism
9 Nov 2016 09:00
Source: European Parliament/flickr

This event is upon personal invitation only.

High-level expert policy lab, co-hosted by the Internationanl Centre for Counter-Terrorism and Price Waterhouse Coopers, as part of the Evaluation project of the EU Counter-Terrorism Policy Architecture, commissioned by the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament. 

The European Union with its 28 Member States potentially offers a very useful platform for improving cooperation with regard to the transnational threat of terrorism. The political reality, the decision-making procedures and the institutional make-up of the Union, on the other hand, may contribute to an environment that is not adequately and effectively able to respond to the threat of terrorism. Looking at the EU response to terrorism so far, one may conclude that it has mainly been crisis-driven, lacking a proper system for threat assessment, needs assessment, and impact assessment, and also lacking an institutionalized system for evaluation of policies.

This policy lab, will offer experts the opportunity to discuss during a round table debate whether the EU should be considered a relevant and effective actor in countering trans-national terrorism, what the strengths and deficiencies of the organization are, and what specific areas need improvement. Experts will also discuss whether there are any feasible alternatives to the crisis-driven dynamic of the policy dynamic of the EU.

In the brain-writing exercise that follows the round table discussion, experts will focus on the specific area of countering the financing of terrorism. During the brain-writing exercise experts will generate 40-50 ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas for improving the effectiveness of the policies on countering the financing of terrorism. Subsequently, during the group discussions inspired on the Delphi-method, the group selects the best and most feasible options that could help improve this policy field.

The outcomes of both the round table discussion and the brain-writing exercise will be used in the final report of this project.