Strategic Foresight

Geopolitical/Economic Outlook for 2017
14 Feb 2017 15:30
Source: Kaj17/flickr

A ‘Paradigm’ shift and what should pension funds do with their investments? 

This is a closed event held within the framework of the Benelux Forum - Dutch Meetings of the European Pension Fund Investment Forum (EPFIF). Further information can be found here.

The shocks of the Brexit vote, the outcome of the presidential elections in the United States. as well as potentially further unpredictability in forthcoming European elections (including The Netherlands, Germany and France), suggests a new paradigm shift in the global geopolitical environment creating uncertainty and risks that need to be managed. But what should pension funds do with their investments both strategically and tactically when faced with such a potential uncertain and volatile environment in 2017 and beyond?

Sr. economist Marcel Baartman sheds his light on the geopolitical challenges which need to be met in relation to geopolitical risks and implications in 2017 and beyond.

The conference is held in Dutch.