Trade and Globalisation

Managing Commodity Risk effectively - today and tomorrow
28 Jun 2017 13:00 - 18:00

This seminar is organised by KPMG, Rabobank and KYOS. You can register here.

Why is commodity risk management useful?
Donald Trump is putting his own American citizens first. The UK has now officially initiated the Brexit process. China’s strategy to acquire companies all over the world is seen as a threat…in other words we are living in a very volatile political environment. Commodity prices are influenced by these political developments and are therefore expected to remain volatile as well. As a result managing your exposure toward commodity prices should be a very important topic on the agenda for a lot of companies. What is a sustainable strategy to deal with these challenges?

Several speakers will enlighten you on the various aspects that influence commodity risks. Each presenter will zoom in on a different angle and will bring you useful insights that you can apply to your own situation.

Seminar topics and speakers

  • Geopolitics and the effect on commodity prices - Mr Marcel Baartman, the Clingendael Institute
  • Effective hedging of Commodity Risks - Mr Arjan Veerhoek, Rabobank
  • How should organizations deal with risk management? - Mr Frans Cleton, KPMG
  • The importance of analyses and reporting at Commodity Exposure - Mr Richard Cornielje, KYOS
  • Commodity Risk in practice: two case studies - Bavaria (Han Tetteroo) and Tata Steel (Jaap Borst)
  • Panel discussion - Mr Frits de Groot, VNO-NCW

After the seminar participants will have the opportunity to meet up with the presenters during a reception.