Europe and the EU

Preparing Dutch business for Brexit
13 Sep 2017 10:00 - 16:00
Source: Cathal McNaughton/Reuters

This event is organised by the NBCC's Brexit Forum (Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce) and takes place at the Clingendael Institute. Please click here for further details on programme and registration.

The business uncertainties following the Brexit bring challenges and opportunities alike. Businesses trading between the UK and the Netherlands seek quality consulting with regards to the new reality in regulatory, finance, tax, trade, HR – everything is changing. This event will focus on how businesses can prepare themselves for the consequences of Brexit.

Keynote speakers include Hans de Boer (president VNO-NCW), Guido Landheer (Deputy Director General Foreign Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), James Knightley (Chief International Economist ING), Phillip Souta (Head of UK Public Policy at Clifford Chance), Monika Sie Dhian Ho and Rem Korteweg.