Security and Defence

Presentation: Civil-Military Capacities for European Security
4 Dec 2013 15:00
Source: Ministerie van Defensie

On December 4 Clingendael will present the report 'Civil-Military Capacities for European Security' at the University Foundation in Brussels.

The distinction between external and internal security is breaking down. This is stated in the final report on the Common Security and Defense Policy by the High Representative and Head of the European Defence Agency.

Separated strategies

Security challenges posed by terrorism, illegal immigration, drugs trafficking and international crime have external and internal aspects. Yet, strategies, policies and capacities in response to those challenges remain separated, both at national and EU levels.

Security gap

The authors of the Clingendael report have analysed the external-internal security gap and they address the question how to overcome divided worlds. They have studied three specific cases:

  • maritime security
  • border security
  • cyber security

The report looks into the potential of combining civil and military capacities to the benefit of an integrated approach to European security. The authors provide thirty recommendations to improve the situation.

European Defence Agency

Three representatives of the European Commission, the European External Action Service and the European Defence Agency will provide their comments on the report.

Copies of the report will be available for participants at the seminar.

How to attend

The Egmont Institute in Brussels invites you to attend the presentation, which will take place December 4, 15hr-17hr. For registering please contact [email protected].