Security and Defence

Public Lecture 'NATO turns 70'
8 Apr 2019 14:30 - 16:30

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The global order is changing as rising powers, China in particular, and an assertive Russia pose challenges to European and American security. Meanwhile US President Trump’s ‘America First’ policy has raised questions about the cohesion of the West. The future of the Trans-Atlantic relationship – with NATO as the bedrock of Western security and defence – is increasingly in doubt. At a moment when European geopolitics is changing, instability and conflict characterise large parts of the Middle East and Africa, and a new great power competition is emerging, the need for a strong and robust transatlantic partnership seems clear. But the question is ‘what NATO?’ and what should American-European relations look like anno 2019 and beyond.

NATO turns 70 event
Source: Studio Oostrum 

Given this context, Michael Murphy, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European & Eurasian Affairs, gave a public lecture to mark 70 years of NATO. In his role as US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European & Eurasian Affairs, he oversees European security organisations, including NATO, the OSCE, and conventional arms control, as well as the Nordic and Baltic countries. After his lecture, there was an opportunity for questions. Dick Zandee, Head of the Security Unit of Clingendael’s Research Department moderated this event.