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Seminar: How to Engage and Retain the Millennial Mind in the Digital Era
26 Nov 2013 14:30
Source: Flickr / Brad Flickinger

Join the Clingendael Institute for a special high-level discussion on the future of engaging millennial citizens with Gabe Zichermann.
Gabe Zichermann will provide his guests with an understanding of:

  • The looming demographic challenges;
  • The crisis in current techniques in communication;
  • How the future demands a sea-change in how governments and communities engage with their audiences.

Gabe will outline the basic frameworks for how communities and sectors can reorient their approach to attracting mind-share and how to keep it.

Gamification Summit

Gabe Zichermann is an author, highly rated public speaker, entrepreneur and Chair of the Gamification Summit. The work of the Gamification Summit centers on how games and the power of game dynamics help engage people and build strong organizations and communities.

Gabe's conferences on gamification and 'engagement mechanics' have become a global sensation and have forced governments and the world's biggest corporations to rethink how they approach their citizens and consumers.

Game-based marketing

An avid blogger on the subject, he co-authored the book Game-Based Marketing, which examines the innovative trend of using game mechanics to engage and build a customer base.

His next book on game mechanics is a detailed technical look at architecture and implementation.

For information on how to attend this event, please contact Mrs. Carla Veltkamp: [email protected].