Strategic Foresight

State capture, political risks and international business
22 May 2017 17:00
Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is an event upon invitation. For further information on participation please contact Marcel Baartman.

Companies operating on an international level have to deal with the political and institutional factors of the countries in which they are active. These factors largely determine the opportunities for companies in a foreign country, for example with regards to legislation and the formal and informal environment.

Other important aspects to consider when operating in a foreign country are among others the bureaucratic quality of a government, the reliability and predictability of the judicial system, the adherence to the Rule of Law, the extent to which there is transparency at public tender procedures, and the presence of informal networks. When this operating environment becomes more stable and predictable there will be less risks for international companies that are active in such foreign markets.

Such risks will be explored and discussed during this event.


  • Introduction: Political risks for companies
    Marcel Baartman, Senior Economist, the Clingendael Institute
  • Presentation: State capture, political risks and international business - cases from Black Sea region countries.
    Dr. Johannes Sebastian Leitner, Head of the Competence Centre for Black Sea Region Studies in Vienna, Austria, and Dr. Hannes Meissner, Senior Researcher of the Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies.
  • Q&A