Winning coalitions for energy security and green growth in Colombia
Europe/Amsterdam 09 2015 09:00
Source: Wikimedia commons

Green growth is increasingly gaining traction as a way to reconcile lasting and broad-based economic growth with climate change mitigation and the goal of sustainable development. As a crucial means to achieve green growth, the energy sector is a central concern.

This expert meeting aims to bring together decision-makers and key stakeholders from the Colombian state, private sector and civil society in order to explore from multiple perspectives the potential reach and implementation of green growth plans in Colombia. On this basis, the meeting will provide a platform to discuss the connections between green growth and the energy sector, as well as with Colombia’s integration in the global economy, its national development trajectory (particularly in a post-conflict  phase), and its policies towards poverty reduction and inequality. A critical part of the meeting will explore how and whether the political economy of Colombia is an obstacle to green growth, or whether new opportunities are arising for “winning coalitions” for a new style of development as the commodity boom of the early 2000s fades across Latin America.

Ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, due to take place in Paris towards the end of the year, the links between green growth and Colombia’s policy towards greenhouse gas reduction will also feature prominently in the meeting. A key objective will be to gather expert opinions on the viability of Colombia’s current commitments to climate change mitigation, and what might be reasonably expected of Colombia in the future.

More broadly, the meeting will be an opportunity for different stakeholders to discuss various strategic, future-oriented questions in their field of work. The ideas and contributions of participants expressed during the meeting will be incorporated into ongoing research by the Clingendael Institute and the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands into the potential for and constraints on green growth in major developing countries. It will also provide vital input for policy-makers in Europe working on preparations for the Paris summit.

The meeting will be held under Chatham House rule and will take place in a roundtable setting. We anticipate participation of 25 key stakeholders in the energy sector ranging from senior policy makers to representatives of the private sector, civil society and academia.

The program can be found here. The full list of participants here

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