3-day workshop Georgian security professionals
21 Jun 2017 - 17:20

What competences, skills and knowledge do professionals in the security sector need? And how can we design and evaluate curricula based on those practical training needs?

In a 3-day workshop in Tbilisi, Clingendael Training and Research Fellow Nils de Mooij and former Training and Research Fellow Bart Hogeveen together with curriculum designers from the Georgian security sector to answer these questions and more. Experts from the Georgian Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Defense Academy, General Staff, and private and public universities, joined together at the Defence Institution Building School (DIBS) to share and discuss their ideas, and compare their practices, in interactive formats facilitated by Clingendael.

Mr. Hogeveen and Mr. de Mooij also provided a mix of conceptual frameworks on the curriculum development cycle, learning objectives, learning styles, working methods, and levels of evaluation. In addition, they shared insights drawn from Clingendael's own practical experience in diplomatic and security sector training.

This workshop is part of a four-year capacity building project. For more information about Clingendael's support to Georgia's Defence Institution Building School, view here. More information about other capacity building projects on professional training can be found here. If you are interested in working with us to strengthen the professional training capacity of your own organisation, please contact [email protected].