Clingendael continues cooperation with Latin America
05 Jul 2016 - 09:30
Source: Clingendael

Clingendael Academy Director Ron Ton travelled to Bogotá to conduct a seminar in international negotiations skills for Colombian diplomats as well as a workshop in capacity-building for the staff of the Colombian Diplomatic Academy.

Strengthening bilateral and multilateral negotiations skills

The negotiations seminar was attended by 22 diplomats and focussed on bilateral and multilateral negotiations and personal skills development.

The diplomats practised with cases related to conflict resolution and UN Security Council negotiations.

They learned techniques to chair meetings, build package deals, and draft resolutions.

Supporting the Colombian Diplomatic Academy

The Director General, Ambassador Mrs. Martha Pinilla and her staff joined a workshop in capacity-building for the development of the Colombian Diplomatic Academy.


Strategic development, curricula development, the development of interactive diplomatic exercises, and training of trainers.

Mr. Ron Ton and the staff exchanged ideas on e-learning and digitalisation of diplomatic training as well on resource management and public information policies.

Training Latin America’s diplomats in The Hague and in the region

Since 2015, Clingendael Academy implements diplomatic training programmes for junior diplomats from Latin American countries in a four week course in The Hague. Each year, Colombia is represented by two junior diplomats.


The cooperation with Latin American also includes seminars in the region itself, organised by a diplomatic training institute and the Clingendael Academy. Last December a seminar took place in Costa Rica.