Communication in practice for Algerian Diplomats
03 May 2018 - 10:28
Source: Clingendael

For the fourth time Clingendael returned to Algiers to train diplomats of the Institut Diplomatique et des Relations Internationales (IDRI). In three previous trainings the emphasis was on economic and digital diplomacy, but from the 24th-26th of April, 26 experienced diplomats focused on strengthening their communication skills. 

During three intensive days, the participants worked on three areas of communication that are relevant for their day-to-day work:

  • intercultural communication;
  • dealing with the media;
  • establishing a communication plan.

Relevance of cultural background and value orientation were further explored through interactive exercises, since increased awareness of one’s own cultural lens and deeper understanding of your counterpart's culture are key to effective communication.

Amother relevant theme that was explored during the training, was the 21st century media landscape and the challenges and opportunities it poses for diplomacy at home and abroad. In a simulated press conference about the newly elected Cuban president, the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Georgia, and Algeria’s position on increasing gas supplies to The Netherlands, participants were taught how to deal with media exposure.


On their final day, participants put the acquired and strengthened skills into practice in one-on-one interview simulations. Effective influencing techniques and self-awareness of body language contributed to the increased ability to stick to key messages whilst keeping an open and positive relationship. The day was concluded with a visit to the Dutch Embassy to join the Dutch Ambassador Ronald van Emden in celebration of Kings Day.

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