Deep dive into disinformation in Course International Politics
17 Mar 2021 - 12:58
Source: Clingendael

How do fake news trolls amplify their messages? What can governments do to combat the spread of fake news? Are we suffering from truth decay? Is the issue of disinformation unique to the era of social media?

All these questions and more were answered during the lecture ‘Cyber security and governance in a post-truth world’, as part of the online Course on International Politics. Course participants first updated their knowledge of cyber security essentials by individually completing an interactive e-learning cyber course, after which they delved further into the specific issues of fake news and disinformation during a live online session.

The Course on International Politics takes place over the span of eight Monday afternoons. During these eight sessions, participants learn from, and engage with experts on cyber security, international security, climate & geopolitics, transatlantic relations, China and more.  The course is organized twice a year and is open to anyone who wishes to increase or update their knowledge of international affairs.