Diplomatic Training for Bangladesh and Pakistan
13 Mar 2014 - 13:52

This week (10 March 2014), the new diplomatic training programme for diplomats from Bangladesh and Pakistan will start. As of 2006, Bangladesh and Pakistan jointly attend diplomatic training for junior diplomats at the Clingendael Academy.

The training curriculum

The curriculum emphasises issues on economic diplomacy, food security, the promotion of human rights and rule of law, worldwide stability, security and water diplomacy. All these issues are of high relevance to the South Asian region.

Particularly water diplomacy will be a valuable theme for the diplomats. The South Asian region faces severe water problems, which for example is indicated by several water disputes in the region instituted by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. Two recent cases concern the disputes about the Indus Waters Treaty or the Maritime Boundary Case in the Bay of Bengal. Based on  the historical Dutch expertise in water diplomacy, the participants will be lectured on this theme at the Institute and will participate in a day-long excursion to relevant water projects in the Netherlands.

Involvement of the Private Sector

Economic diplomacy is another important theme in this programme. Lectures by experts and professionals will be complemented with skills workshops in country branding and networking. The diplomats will have the opportunity to practice their acquired skills in a network event with Dutch entrepreneurs who currently do business in Bangladesh and Pakistan.  

Skills for diplomats

The training programme is unique in the way diplomatic skills are provided. The first week starts with three skills training modules. The first workshop entailed a training in persuasion and influencing techniques. How to have an effect on someone else’s actions or opinion without the use of formal power? Secondly, the group enrolled in a skills training about communication and dealing with media, in order to increase their skill to effectively convey an formal message. And lastly, policy writing skills were trained by several assignments in information structuring, reliability of statistics and setting up problem statements.

This will be the eight time the diplomatic training for diplomats from Bangladesh and Pakistan is held by Clingendael Academy. This training will continue until mid-April.