Diplomats from Afghanistan in training
10 Jul 2016 - 12:02
Source: Kenny Holston/flickr

From 11 to 22 July, Clingendael Academy will conduct a training on 'International Relations and Diplomatic Practice' for junior diplomats from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 

Supporting Afghanistan's development

Afghanistan has entered a new phase in its history and development, a phase during which it strives towards self-reliance. In its 'Realizing Self-Reliance' agenda, Afghanistan's Government of National Unity states its commitment to economic growth, stability, good governance, and peaceful co-existence.

Training junior Afghan diplomats in international relations and diplomatic practice fits well with this agenda. 

An intensive training course

Compared to previous courses, this edition will be shorter, yet more intensive. In addition to focussing thematically on 'governance and regional stability' and 'economic and social development', emphasis will be placed on the development of vital international diplomatic skills such as intercultural communication, public speaking, crisis communication, and negotiation skills. 

More information?

For more information about this course or to find out what Clingendael Academy can do for you, please contact Mr. Jan-Willem Pot, Training and Research Fellow, Clingendael Academy.