Enhancing Regional Mediation Support to Peace Processes
20 Jun 2024 - 16:46
Source: Clingendael

Mediation is widely considered one of the most effective methods to prevent, manage, and resolve conflicts. With conflicts across the world becoming increasingly complex, support for mediators and mediation processes to effectively contribute to sustainable peace is increasingly important. 

The Clingendael Peace Negotiations Programme (CPNP) recognises the crucial role that organisations mandated to support mediation processes play. In CPNP's efforts to strengthen the impact of mediation in conflict resolution, it provides annual training to regional intergovernmental organisations actively involved in mediation and peace processes.

From 11 to 14 June 2024, CPNP welcomed representatives from the AU, ASEAN, COMESA, ECOWAS, EU, IGAD, ICGLR, OAS, OSCE, and SADC, in The Hague. During the training, participants engaged in various training modules, scenarios and roleplays, and discussions focused on sustainably designing, setting up, and supporting (insider) mediation processes, capacities, and projects as third parties in conflict-affected areas. 

Key themes such as challenges and successes in supporting mediation processes, emerging trends in the mediation field, and inclusivity of peace processes were also explored. The programme aimed to guide participants in integrating strategic tools and concepts into their daily work, fostering new perspectives through engagement and sharing experiences, and strengthening professional connections.