Extended cooperation with Bangladesh and Pakistan
29 Feb 2016 - 16:05
Source: Clingendael

There is a longstanding cooperation between Clingendael Academy and the Foreign Service Academies of Bangladesh and Pakistan. A course for junior diplomats at the start of this year marked the twelfth anniversary of this relation. To signify this partnership also for the years 2016 till 2019, a Letter of Intent (LOI) was signed on 18 February by H.E. Ambassador Khan of Pakistan and Academy Director Mr Ron Ton (see picture). A similar LOI was signed with Bangladesh last November, during the visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Clingendael Academy is looking forward to continue its excellent cooperation with both Foreign Service Academies in the coming years.

From 12 January till 19 February 2016, Clingendael Academy organised a tailor-made course on International Relations and Diplomatic Practice for junior diplomats from Bangladesh and Pakistan. During six weeks, the participants discussed new developments in diplomacy as well as explored themes relevant to the South Asian region, such as water diplomacy, food security, human rights and international security. The junior diplomats also sharpened their diplomatic skills by engaging in a negotiation simulation on sustainability, writing speeches and policy papers, and joining in a day-long simulation on international economic relations.

In the past two months, more than 350 diplomats and professionals participated in courses of Clingendael Academy. For more information about tailor-made courses please contact us at or visit our webpage with open registration courses.