Indonesian Junior Diplomats visit Clingendael
20 Oct 2015 - 15:41
Source: (c) Clingendael

The 12th group of Indonesian Junior Diplomats
This week Clingendael welcomed the 12th group of Indonesian Junior Diplomats to the Clingendael Institute. In the upcoming six weeks, twenty young diplomats that have just finished their diplomatic training in Jakarta  will participate in an intensive training programme. This programme will enhance their knowledge and skills on various topics including public and economic diplomacy, international law, cooperation in the region, international security and environmental policy development. In addition, the diplomats will visit several (inter-)governmental and legal institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium, such as the International Court of Justice, the European Parliament and NATO.

Current issues
As the sea level keeps rising in the South China Sea, and the city of Jakarta keeps sinking, topics like maritime security and water management are of particular interest to Indonesia. To provide the participants with an example of Dutch water management, one of our working visits will guide them through the Beemster Polder. To provide a parallel to the challenges faced by ASEAN regarding regional economic integration, the training will focus on the European economic integration as well.

Clingendael and the Indonesian Centre for Education and Training
The relationship between the Clingendael Academy and the Indonesian Centre for Education and Training continues to be of a very close nature. Every year the Clingendael Institute trains several groups of Indonesian diplomats at its premises, at different points in their careers. As a matter of fact, the Indonesian Senior Diplomats returned to Jakarta just a few days before their junior colleagues arrived in The Hague. Earlier this year the Clingendael Academy also hosted a group of mid-career diplomats from Indonesia for a training programme. The cooperation with the Indonesian diplomats of various ages and in various stages in their career is highly appreciated both by the participants and the Institute.

- 9 October 2015