International Negotiations Training for Flemish Diplomats
12 Jul 2022 - 08:18
Source: Clingendael
Participants engage in exercise
Participants engaged in a negotiation simulation

Clingendael Academy provided a 3-day seminar in international negotiations to 15 diplomats of the department on foreign affairs of the government of Flanders. The department’s work involves international trade policies, development cooperation, international cultural relations, bilateral and multilateral relations.

Mr. Ron Ton, Director Clingendael Academy and expert in international negotiations delivered the seminar including both bilateral and multilateral negotiations. Mr. Ton trained on a competence method to stay in control of complex negotiations, explained several strategic concepts and tools, bargaining tactics and specific topics as dealing with perceptions and deadlocks. Participants practiced the learned insights in several interactive exercises and simulation games.

Ms. Julie Bynens, Secretary-General of Foreign Affairs and Ron Ton had a fruitful meeting to discuss the importance of diplomatic training and cooperation between the institutes. Mr. Ton compliments all of the participants for their magnificent performance in the seminar.