New assignments for the Clingendael Institute
13 Dec 2016 - 15:47
Source: Durham University

Today, Monika Sie Dhian Ho, director of the Clingendael Institute, signed four framework agreements with the Dutch ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence. For the next four years the ministries will therefore be able to rely on high-calibre, innovative research conducted by the Clingendael Institute in collaboration with a select group of national and international research organisations. These include Chatham House, Carnegie Europe, IFRI, ECFR and SIPRI. In the Netherlands, Clingendael works with The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies.

Clingendael is thereby strenghtening its position as a think tank and consultant in the fields of Geopolitics, Superpowers & Governance, Europe and the EU, Security and Defence and Strategic Monitoring and Foresight. Its approach is being made more innovative and in particular more accessible so that clients and policymakers can obtain the information they need to take decisions. In this way, Clingendael is reinforcing its knowledge networks, partly by deploying them in the form of (online) expert panels, simulation labs and videoconferencing. The impact of the research is further strenghtened by media strategies which stimulate the public debate in the Netherlands and abroad.