OAS Senior Diplomats in training at Clingendael
20 Mar 2019 - 09:12
Source: Clingendael

Clingendael Academy welcomed a group of senior diplomats from the Organisation of American States (OAS) for a training programme on regional cooperation in a weeklong programme. The training programme aimed at both strengthening the individual diplomatic skills of the (deputy) Ambassadors, as well as to offer them tools and a platform for strategic planning for the OAS as an organization. All participants are representatives of their country to the OAS in Washington DC.

Platform for discussion

The course proved to be a unique opportunity for the (deputy) Ambassadors to share insights, analyse current developments and provided a platform for discussion on the future development of the OAS. With leading experts in the field, participants thoroughly discussed the four pillars of the OAS:

  • Promoting Democracy
  • Defending Human Rights
  • Ensuring Multidimensional Security
  • Fostering Development and Prosperity

Strategic policy planning

In this context, Clingendael training fellows provided them with tools for strategic policy analysis and scenario planning. In subgroups, the participants worked on the four themes in which they analysed the current strengths and weaknesses of the OAS. After having analysed the current state of affairs and the challenges the OAS currently faces, the participants worked out four possible scenarios in which the organization might find itself in the future. Subsequently, they worked out policy options to face these challenges and to strengthen the organization, should these scenarios play out in the future.


Strengthening diplomatic skills

The second objective was to further strengthen the diplomatic skills of the senior officials. In various training workshops, participants sharpened their international negotiations skills, reflected on their effective influencing strategies through case-studies and discussed intercultural communication in a practical training session.

The training programme provided the participants with the unique opportunity to discuss all pressing and future issues on the OAS agenda in a frank and open setting at Clingendael Academy. Participants are able to use the knowledge acquired on scenario planning to work on a new strategic plan for the OAS.