Strengthening diplomatic training cooperation with Algeria
12 Apr 2017 - 16:13
Source: Clingendael Academy

Last week, Clingendael Academy provided the Institut Diplomatique et des Relations Internationales (IDRI) - part of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - in Algiers with a training in negotiation skills and institutional capacity building.

The trainings were conducted by Mr. Ron Ton, Director Clingendael Academy. A group of 25 highly qualified Algerian diplomats attended the seminar in international negotiations. The second seminar was provided to the staff of IDRI, focusing on:

  • tools for providing diplomatic training
  • profiling diplomatic target groups
  • curricula development

IDRI recently moved to a new building on the compound of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Clingendael Academy had the honour to be the first institution to train Algerian diplomats in the new premises. 

Start of a new partnership

In addition to the training sessions, Ms. Amina Mesdoua, DG IDRI and Mr. Ron Ton discussed further cooperation between both institutions. Netherlands Ambassador Robert van Emden underlined the importance of the mission as part of the intensifying relationship between the Netherlands and Algeria. IDR and Clingendael Academy intent to organise follow-up training for the Algerian MFA in Algiers and in The Hague.

Yet since 2010, Clingendael Academy trains Algerian junior diplomats in a multinational diplomatic training programme for diplomats of the MENA region. For more information, please follow the links below.