Successful completion of the 30th training for Central Asian and Mongolian diplomats
30 May 2024 - 12:58
Source: Clingendael

Clingendael Academy recently concluded the 30th edition of its training programme for junior diplomats from Central Asia and Mongolia. This milestone programme brought together participants from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Mongolia, aiming to deepen their understanding of international relations and enhance their diplomatic skills. 

Structured in four modules, the training covered Modern Diplomacy and the Role of Diplomats, Economic Diplomacy and Sustainability, EU-Central Asia Connectivity, and International Order and Security. Participants engaged in various lectures ranging from Transboundary Water Management to the impact of the Taliban on regional security, and the EU Global Gateway in the context of the Ukraine war. All the sessions emphasized the importance of economic and strategic cooperation between the Netherlands, EU and other partners with the Central Asia region. 

In addition to theoretical knowledge, the programme placed a strong emphasis on practical skills. Several sessions on international negotiations, intercultural communication, and presentation skills equipped the diplomats with essential tools for effective diplomacy. Working visits to the OPCW, the Dutch MFA, and Brussels-based institutions like NATO and the EEAS offered real-world perspectives on global governance and valuable insights into the Dutch and EU foreign policy priorities.


Clingendael Academy celebrates this landmark 30th edition and is proud to have a long-standing cooperation with the Central-Asia and Mongolia region. We look forward to continuing contributing to the professional development of junior diplomats and jointly support efforts in promoting stability, prosperity, and international cooperation. We wish all diplomats the best of luck in their future endeavours.