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American diaspora diplomacy: U.S. foreign policy and Lebanese Americans

20 Dec 2012 - 11:42

This paper investigates U.S. government diaspora diplomacy with Lebanese Americans and how it is associated with the credibility of U.S. policy toward Lebanon. These transnational relations include public diplomacy, international development, military, and other crossnational programs. The analysis suggests the following two primary policy challenges to U.S. credibility among Lebanese and the American diaspora of Lebanese descent: 1) lack of Arab-

Israeli peace; and 2) lack of inclusive engagement with all of Lebanese society. The study finds potential for mutually engaging, collaborative diaspora diplomacy to strengthen the

credibility of U.S. policy toward Lebanon. Collaborative diaspora diplomacy would involve trans-sectarian outreach across the diverse religious communities of Lebanese Americans and their cultural, political, and professional organizations. The paper also contributes

insights into engagement with other diasporas in the U.S. and other governments' relations with the diasporas they send and receive.