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New Book: China's Public Diplomacy

23 Jan 2015 - 17:13
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This book contributes to our understanding of China's rise and the country's place in the world by exploring how China seeks to improve its international image and advance its domestic and international agenda by conducting public diplomacy and engaging with audiences around the globe. Based on in-depth case studies, it provides a thorough analysis of the Chinese approach to public diplomacy, which is characterized by a long-term vision, a dominant role for the government, an inseparable and complementary domestic dimension, and a high level of interconnectedness with China's overall foreign policy and diplomacy. 

Table of contents

Chapter 1 How to Understand Public Diplomacy: An Analytical Framework
Chapter 2 Assets and Liabilities for China’s Public Diplomacy
Chapter 3 The Chinese Debate on Public Diplomacy
Chapter 4 China’s Public Diplomacy System
Chapter 5 China’s Public Diplomacy Strategies: Asia and Africa
Chapter 6 Proactive Public Diplomacy: Events 
            The Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Expo
Chapter 7 Reactive Public Diplomacy: Crises
            The SARS Epidemic, Product Scandals, and the Wenchuan Erathquake
Chapter 8 The Reception of China’s Public Diplomacy

More information about the book is available here

Cover of the book