Conflict and Fragility

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From Project to Program: Effective Programming for Security

30 Jan 2008 - 10:11

As part of its research activities for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Conflict Research Unit (CRU) has produced the report From Project to Program - Effective Programming for Security and Justice, which is meant to be a step toward helping make Dutch engagement in supporting justice and security service delivery more effective. The report draws on the lessons of earlier and/or ongoing security system reform (SSR) engagements. Based on Dutch priorities, the report focuses on fragile/postconflict and fragile/rebuilding states.

The report focuses on the question how to operationalise an approach that coordinates and blends the need to respond to immediate justice and security needs with designing and implementing a longterm strategic programme for SSR development. This multi-layered approach recognizes the necessity of and suggests ways of supporting both state and nonstate justice and security providers, while recognizing their different time horizons. The management requirements of such an approach are also discussed in the report.

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