Speechwriting Contest European Challenges

30 Sep 2013 - 10:20

Do you like to write? Ever thought of writing an inspirational speech? Now is your time, as the European Union is facing many challenges: political turmoil, economic hardship and societal tensions dominate the agenda of Brussels and the member states.

How do you see the future of European integration? Is the EU in need of major Treaty reform to fix its structural weaknesses? Should the member states give up more sovereignty and allow the EU to move towards a federation? Or will the current problems in the EU worsen and lead towards disintegration or a break-up of the Union?

The speechwriting contest

We want you to write a short speech on one of the major EU challenges. Following the example of the ‘State of the Union’, which is the annual speech of the president of the European Commission to discuss the political and economic situation of the EU, you are to present your ideas for the future of European integration.

The prize

The writer of the best speech will win € 250,- and a publication of his or her speech in the Dutch monthly magazine Internationale Spectator and the Clingendael website.


  • Students and young professionals are invited to participate.
  • The speech may be written in English or Dutch and shall be no longer than 900 words
  • The winning speech will be chosen on the basis of creativity, clarity of the message and use of language
  • The winning speech will be selected by an expert jury which consists of Adriaan Schout (Head of the EU programme at Clingendael), Judith Nuijens (Internationale Spectator), Laurence Stassen (Member of European Parliament, PVV), Marietje Schaake (Member of European Parliament D66).

If you wish to participate, please send an email with your contact details and occupation to [email protected]l. The deadline for the speech is Tuesday 12 November at 24h00.

See pdf below for more information: