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Stormclouds and solutions: Climate change in the Caribbean

14 Feb 2019 - 13:13
Source: Island of St. Maarten after hurricane Irma / Wikimedia Commons
Anticipating and Preparing for Climate Change in the Caribbean

A region long-tested by both extreme weather events and illicit economic activity, the Caribbean has developed abundant expertise in climate science and disaster resilience. It also has many underlying governance and security challenges which may amplify each other as climate impacts intensify.

In this policy brief authors Shiloh Fetzek and Lt. Commander US Navy (ret.) Oliver Leighton-Barrett identify the key regional security risks exacerbated by climate change, which include

  1. economic contraction, violence and criminal activity;
  2. disaster impacts and political repercussions;
  3. food and water insecurity, damage to livelihoods and social unrest; and
  4. Central and South American security deterioration impacting on the Caribbean.

Anticipating and addressing these challenges by integrating security cooperation and climate resilience initiatives could support existing risk management structures and advance long-term economic and socio-political stability in the Caribbean.