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Belangenbehartiging en lobbyen in de EU
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European affairs
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The Hague
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4 - 5 Nov 2019
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€ 1.200,- including course materials and catering

The course is given in the Dutch language.

Effective influencing of policy and advocacy in the context of European policy is a permanent area of interest for Dutch ministries, decentralised authorities, businesses and other parties.

Active and early influence is crucial to achieve results and to avoid possible ´misfits´ between European initiatives and the party´s own policy or company goals. This not only requires substantial preparations but also excellent communication and lobbying skills.

In the course, the European arena, policy preparation within the European Commission, the role of the European Parliament and the Council, the (in)formal working culture and processes within these institutions will be discussed. You will prepare a short ´position paper´ based on your own file, you will practice lobbying and you will create a strategic plan for your approach.

What will you learn?

The most important goal of the course is improving your strategic knowledge and ability to professionally represent the interests of your employer in the European Union.

After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Comprehend and effectively influence the European decision-making processes
  • Articulate your interest in a convincing manner
  • Create a lobbying and communication strategy

Is this course for you?

The training is for (policy) employees of the central government, decentralized authorities and public affairs employees at businesses or other organizations that are directly confronted with European legislative processes. This is an experienced and versatile public-private target group. The Clingendael Institute developed the training and is responsible for its content.

Practical Information and registration

The Clingendael Institute developed the training and is responsible for the content.

All course materials will be provided at the beginning of the course. Participants do not require to order any materials in advance. 

In cooperation with Dröge & Van Drimmelen –corporate communication & public affairs- this training is also offered to PA employees. In addition to the Clingendael training, Dröge & Van Drimmelen can offer you or your organization a tailor made programme in Brussels of two days. This Brussels visit can also be requested separately from the Clingendael training. For more information you can contact Audrey Keukens, via email or telephone: 070-3920212.

Participation to this course will take 16 hours, divided over two full days of training. Participants do not have to prepare anything in advance. Interested officials coming from the ministries of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure and Environment and Social Affairs and Employment can apply through the human resource department of their respective ministry. Other  interested persons can apply using  the form below.

N.B.: Basic knowledge about the European Union will not be discussed in the training. The assumption is made that participants already have this knowledge. The maximum number of participants is 16.

Our General Terms and Conditions apply to this course.

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